Action ‘Smoothing’ – Good Bye Cellulite…

Cellulite, also called ‘orange-peel’ skin, is a nightmare of millions of women around the world – no matter what age they are, or how much they weigh. It’s commonly found on the tights, buttocks, and hips, i.e. the places where fat is stored, giving the dreaded orange-peel appearance.

The war goes on

‘Orange-peel’ skin is the problem that most women have. The majority of them admit that they have already made at least one attempt, usually unsuccessful, to get rid of cellulite. Fortunately, they are being “armed” with increasingly effective methods, which boosts the number of women who win the war.


Beauty salons offer a variety of cellulite treatments, which can help you smooth your skin. Visiting one of them, you can opt for microcurrents, sound waves, or a professional massage. These treatments yield really good results, but are costly, and not every woman can afford to visit a beauty salon to smooth her skin.

Creams and lotions are an alternative. However, they’re much less effective. Even enormously expensive cosmetics only sit on top of the skin, while cellulite fat cells are located in the deeper layers. Creams and lotions can only be part of a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at combating cellulite.

and inside out

In the opinion of experts, treating cellulite from the inside out is the best way to get rid of it once and for all.  They believe that taking dietary supplements is the only method that will help you not only reduce orange-peel skin but also fight the causes of cellulite, preventing a recurrence of the problem. It can be achieved thanks to such dietary supplements as e.g. Cellinea, which cleanse your body of toxins, boost metabolism, burn excess fat, and prevent water retention in the body.

Home remedies to reduce cellulite

Balanced diet – you have to keep in mind that poor eating habits contribute greatly to the formation of cellulite. Even the most effective treatment will not produce lasting effects if you don’t eat a balanced diet. Want firm and smooth skin? Eat fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and whole-grain foods.

Massage – if you can’t afford a professional massage, you can do it yourself at home. You will need an exfoliating glove, which improves blood circulation, and a body massager.

Shower – forget about having a long, warm bath if you want your skin to be firm and without cellulite. Take a shower and alternate hot and cold water. It improves blood circulation and gives you a shot in the arm.

Exercises – as the saying goes, “a sound mind in a sound body”. However, exercises will also slim your body and improve your mood. Go swimming – you will lose weight and water will additionally give you a free massage. You can’t swim? That’s not a problem – you can opt for aqua aerobic, which has recently gained in popularity.