What’s in acne supplements?

We’re flooded with supplements that are supposed to cure acne and promised by manufacturers to solve the problem once and for all. But what active substances should we look for when buying a supplement to be sure that the product will meet our expectations and fulfill the promises?

What should we look for in acne supplements: 

Horsetail extract

It will cleanse your skin and speed up wound healing. Also, hair loss and nail supplements often contain horsetail extract as it stimulates hair growth and strengthens nails.

Nettle extract

Hardly anybody knows that this popular herb has a beneficial effect on skin that is affected by acne. It helps reduce the inflammation in the skin and encourages skin regeneration. Nettle can be found in supplements strengthening hair and nails, too.

B-group vitamins

Niacin, biotin and riboflavin are necessary to maintain healthy skin. This is the reason why each supplement that is supposed to help you get rid of acne should contain these vitamins. 


This chemical element is extremely popular among cosmetic manufacturers. Almost each luxury product contains zinc, which has been known and highly valued for ages. This element, also called “a beauty mineral”, improves skin condition and tone, speeds up the process of skin regeneration. It also helps maintain hormone balance and regulates sebum production, which makes the element an effective weapon against acne.

If you’re looking for the most effective acne supplement this is definitely Derminax.

What do we expect:

  • Effectiveness

A good supplement is expected to start to work about 3 weeks after you take the first pill, provided that you take it regularly. If you want to achieve more immediate results, avoid certain foods. Fast food, crisps and sweets are forbidden!

  • No side effects

It’s obvious that we take dietary supplements to improve our health and look better rather than worry about whether the supplement will produce side effects or not. Read what the product you’re going to get contains and choose only natural supplements. 

  • Lasting results

We expect that the supplement we are buying will bring improvement and lasting results. The best products find the root causes of the problem and remove them, which prevents recurrence of the problem.

What they shouldn’t contain:

Conservatives. If you care for your health, you should avoid conservatives – as much as it’s possible. Since they can be dangerous, choose only natural products, which don’t contain conservatives.  

Synthetic dyes. They’re a more widely available and cheaper alternative to dyes of natural origin. Additionally, they are more intense and therefore so commonly used by cosmetic and supplement manufacturers. Synthetic dyes, however, don’t bring us, consumers, any benefits. It’s been proved that they can cause cancer and allergies. 

GMO. The issue of genetically modified organisms arouses great controversy and there are both opponents and supporters of GMOs. However, it hasn’t been fully researched yet to what extend it influences our health and therefore we should opt for products that don’t contain genetically modified substances.